Meghan Harper

Hi! My Name is Meghan Harper and I am your newest Cradle Coach Sleep Consultant! I am a born and raised Missouri girl. Which is where I live with my ever so supportive husband, Justin, and our amazing son, Jaxson.

I graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Child and Family Development. From there I have been working with students of various ages to reach their speech and language goals in a rural school district.

Justin and I were so excited to become parents and we tried to prepare in every way. Until we quickly learned that baby and toddler sleep information is not as easily found as other baby information. You have lactation consultants to help with breast feeding, doctors to help with your pregnancy and postpartum healing, dulas/midwifes to help with labor and birth, but who helps you teach your child to sleep? Thats where the Cradle Coach came into our lives.

Jaxson wasn’t a terrible sleeper but he wasn’t a great sleeper either and I really like my sleep. I immediately wanted all the information I could find on how to get him to sleep, where he should be sleeping, and how long he should be sleeping. I ended up finding a world full of helpful and knowledgeable people and quickly wanted to be the person who helped other moms! I wanted to help those other moms who, like me, were questioning every decision in the middle of the night wishing their child would sleep.

I am so excited and honored to be apart of The Cradle Coach and get to work with these amazing families!


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