Today there are close to 22 million children in the US between 0-5 years old. Most studies [1] [2] [3] indicate that a staggering 20% to 30% of young children and infants experience sleep problems.

That’s upwards of 5 million children in the US needing help and support to improve their (and their families) sleep hygiene.

This shows just how dire the need for trained, professional sleep consultants is.

I know the idea of learning to become a certified sleep consultant feels like standing on a raft in a stormy sea.

With towering waves of uncertainty crashing all around, navigating the current of risk and reward while trying to steer toward the shores of success can be overwhelming.

Consider this article your lifeboat.

We’ll walk you through how to turn your passion for helping others into practical steps to become a sleep consultant. We’ll also address common challenges, clarify what sleep consulting is, and share our best tips to get started.

If you’re into the idea of waking up every day knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of others while enjoying a consistent income working from anywhere, read on.

What is a Baby Sleep Consultant?

A baby sleep consultant is a trained professional who specializes in helping families establish positive sleep routines for their infants and young children.

This personalized guidance, support, and expertise are imperative to help struggling families navigate sleep problems, find their best sleep training method, and promote restful nights for their children (and themselves)!

What Does a Baby Sleep Consultant Do?

Child sleep consultants work closely with families to assess sleep patterns, identify sleep challenges, and develop customized sleep plans tailored to the child’s age, developmental stage, and individual needs.

They offer guidance on sleep training methods, nap transitions, bedtime routines, and addressing sleep regressions, empowering parents to feel confident that they’re doing what’s best for their child’s sleep hygiene.

Do Baby Sleep Consultants Make Money?

The earning potential of becoming a sleep consultant is lofty! Not only is working one-on-one with families lucrative but there are also many revenue streams sleep consultants can tap into to maximize their income possibilities.

While income can vary based on location, experience, and client base, many sleep consultants build successful businesses and earn a great income helping families achieve better sleep.

What is a Sleep Consultant’s Salary?

According to industry reports, the average salary for a pediatric sleep consultant ranges from $50,000 to $100,000 per year, with the potential for higher earnings with more expertise and experience.

While there’s no fixed salary for sleep consultants, experienced professionals can earn a substantial income.

There are also many opportunities to leverage this skill set to expand earnings by holding paid workshops, presenting at conferences, or creating and selling digital resources.

Working one-on-one with parents and child(ren) is just the beginning for anyone choosing to become a sleep consultant.

How Much Do Sleep Consultants Charge?

Most bundled offers range between $250-$350. This typically includes initial support and implementation over a few weeks.

Keep in mind this can vary depending on whether you provide ongoing support, the complexity of your offer, location, and the consultant’s credentials.

How To Become a Baby Sleep Consultant

educational foundation

To acquire the necessary expertise for delivering optimal care to families as a pediatric sleep consultant, it’s best to undergo formal sleep consultant training or education in the field.

While there are no degrees necessary to become a sleep consultant, having a background in child development, teaching, psychology, or related fields can be beneficial.

Learning sleep training techniques, sleep coaching, and helping families get a full night’s sleep are just a few things sleep consultant training will provide.

The reality? What’s most important is a genuine passion for helping families and a willingness to learn.

Specialized Training and Certification

To become a certified sleep consultant, it’s highly recommended to enroll in specialized training programs or certification courses offered by reputable organizations.

These sleep consultant certification programs provide comprehensive education on infant sleep, safety guidelines, and professional ethics, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this field.

They’ll also help you conquer things like frequent night wakings, unable to fall asleep, night terrors, and more while supporting parents and encouraging safe sleep.

Finding certifications that also offer assistance in creating, building, and running your own business will help you with the foundations you need to start working immediately.

Our sleep program is self-paced and designed to help sleep consultants grow.

We provide everything needed to create your sleep business with lifetime access to our modules, a thriving community, and hands-on mentorship.

Within our sleep consultant academy, we detail how to start your sleep consultant business and help families struggling to receive the emotional support and evidence-based plans they need to thrive.

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Gain Practical Experience

Hands-on experience is invaluable for an aspiring pediatric sleep consultant.

Consider volunteering with local parent groups, offering free or discounted consultations to build your portfolio, and shadowing experienced consultants to gain insights into their practice.

Practical experience allows you to hone your skills, refine your approach, and build confidence in your abilities.

Giving yourself the space to learn in this environment will give you an advantage over other sleep consultants and gain confidence at your own pace.

Build a Professional Network

Networking is essential for building your reputation and expanding your client base as a pediatric sleep consultant.

Connect with other professionals in the birth and parenting community, including pediatricians, lactation consultants, and childbirth educators. Establishing mutually beneficial relationships can lead to referrals and collaborations that benefit both parties.

These connections will increase your confidence as a business owner and give you support from individuals in similar fields.

In our sleep consultant academy, we foster a community of like-minded successful sleep consultant business owners, unlike other programs that only provide the skillset without any support.

Establish Your Consulting Business

Launching your consulting business involves several steps, including creating a business plan, setting your rates, developing marketing strategies, and establishing legal and financial structures.

You’ll also want to consider your target market, branding, and creating an online presence.

Most sleep consultants are provided with foundations for a successful business through a certification program and even help them find their first client.

Skills and Qualities To Become a Certified Sleep Consultant

Communication Skills

Effective communication is essential for building trust and rapport with clients, understanding their needs and concerns, and conveying information clearly and compassionately.

Empathy and Patience

Empathy allows sleep consultants to understand the challenges families face and provide thoughtful support in a written sleep plan.

While you provide sleep help, patience is key when trying to support parents through implementation.

Problem Solving Abilities

The ability to analyze sleep behavior, identify underlying issues, and develop creative solutions is crucial for addressing sleep challenges effectively.

Knowledge of Child Development

A solid understanding of child development, including age-appropriate sleep needs and behaviors, informs sleep consultants’ recommendations and strategies.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Every family is unique, and what works for one may not work for another.

Sleep consultants must be flexible and adaptable, tailoring their approach to meet the individual needs and preferences of each family.

Organization and Time Management

As a business owner, you’ll be tasked to manage multiple clients, appointments, and administrative tasks. This requires strong organizational skills and effective time management to ensure smooth operations and client satisfaction.

Continual Learning and Professional Development

Staying up to date on the latest research, trends, and best practices as a child sleep consultant through ongoing education and professional development is essential for maintaining expertise and providing high-quality care to clients.

Training and Certification Programs To Become an Infant Sleep Consultant

Several reputable organizations offer training and certification programs for aspiring sleep consultants, providing comprehensive education, hands-on experience, and ongoing support.

Look for sleep consultant certification programs accredited by recognized bodies and led by experienced professionals in the field.

Benefits of Being a Sleep Consultant

Purpose. This is the biggest benefit of starting and running your own sleep consultant business. You have the precious opportunity to make a difference in the lives of families.

Helping them not only navigate sleep concerns but also boosting their confidence in making the right decisions for their family.

A great bonus is the incredible flexibility of this work and owning a business which allows you to set your own schedule and work with clients on your terms.

Hello, freedom!

Is a Medical Background Required To Become a Baby Sleep Consultant?

Experience in medical fields is not required to become a baby sleep consultant. Through training programs and certifications, you will obtain all the knowledge you need to support families.

Learning infant sleep patterns, safety guidelines, and developmental milestones help you provide informed and responsible care.

How Do You Set-Up a Sleep Consulting Business?

Once you finish certification to become a sleep consultant – it’s time to begin building your business! Here are a few of the first steps you’ll want to take.

Create A Business Plan: This doesn’t have to be a fully robust start-up style plan. It can simply include your income goals, your offerings, and what will set you apart in the market.

Establish Legal And Finance Structures: These can vary depending on your state and country; it’s recommended to consult professionals for legal and financial advice.

Build A Marketing Strategy: Marketing plans include your target market, branding, and online platforms you’ll use to attract clients grow your successful sleep consulting business, and bring on your first client.


Is Sleep Training the Primary Focus of a Baby Sleep Consultant?

While sleep training may be part of what it takes to become a sleep consultant, the primary focus is on assessing sleep concerns, addressing underlying factors, and developing personalized sleep plans that promote healthy sleep habits for infants and young children.

How Much Does a Baby Sleep Consultant Cost?

Fees for a consultation or package of services range from $200 to $750+, with the average landing around $350.

Some consultants offer hourly rates, bundle their services, or provide packages that include continued support.

Specialized services or in-home visits may incur higher costs.

Is Certification Necessary?

While a sleep consultant certification is not legally required to become a sleep consultant or practice, it provides credibility and ensures that consultants adhere to professional standards and ethical guidelines.

What Role Does Developmental Psychology Play in Pediatric Sleep Consulting?

A solid understanding of developmental psychology is essential for pediatric sleep consultants, as it informs their approach to sleep issues and helps them tailor recommendations and strategies to meet the individual needs and developmental stage of each child.

How Can I Incorporate a Holistic Approach to Pediatric Sleep Consulting?

A holistic approach to becoming a pediatric sleep consultant involves addressing not only sleep issues but also factors that may impact sleep, such as nutrition, environment, routines, and parental well-being. By considering the whole child and family system, consultants can provide comprehensive support that promotes sleep hygiene and overall well-being.

How Long Does It Take To Become a Baby Sleep Consultant?

Some individuals may complete training and self paced certification programs in a matter of months, others may take longer to build their expertise and confidence before launching their consulting business.

The time it takes to become a sleep consultant can vary depending on factors such as your prior experience, the training program you choose, and the time you dedicate to gaining practical experience.

How Do I Know if Sleep Consultancy Is the Right Career for Me?

If you’re passionate about helping families, have a strong interest in child development and sleep science, and possess the qualities of empathy, patience, and problem-solving abilities, a career as a certified pediatric sleep consultant may be a perfect fit for you.

Consider volunteering or shadowing experienced consultants to gain insight into the profession and determine if taking the leap to become a sleep consultant is for you.

The Bottom Line

Starting a career as a baby sleep consultant offers a fulfilling and rewarding career path for individuals passionate about improving the sleep and well-being of families.

By acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and certification, building a solid foundation of practical experience, and establishing your consulting business, you can embark on a journey to make a meaningful difference in the lives of tired parents and their precious little ones.

In Conclusion

After learning how to become baby sleep consultant, we hope you consider the possibility of running your own business to help parents (and children) get a good night’s sleep.

From completing a sleep consultant certification course to taking your first client, the path to establishing your own thriving business as a sleep coach is one filled with dedication, education, and a genuine desire to support families in need.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can start working on your journey to become a sleep consultant filled with opportunities to empower parents, promote sleep habits, and create a positive impact on family life.

So why wait? Take the first step towards becoming a baby sleep consultant today and watch your dreams of owning a successful sleep consultancy business come to life!

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