Hi! My name is Ashlyn Strickland, and I’m a certified pediatric sleep consultant. I own The Best Rest Sleep Consulting. I started my business in October 2020 after completing my certification through The Cradle Coach Academy. I am incredibly humbled and honored to be chosen as the graduate of the month. I want to talk to you today about why I chose to become a sleep consultant and three things to consider if you’re considering becoming a sleep consultant.

When my daughter was born, she was what you would call a “good sleeper” meaning that she fell asleep relatively easily, stayed asleep, etc., but when she got through that 4 month sleep regression things got bad. I say bad, but it wasn’t as bad as some of you reading this have experienced. We were up 3-4 times each night, and I was basically sleepwalking into her room to nurse her back to sleep. One night I woke up in her room nursing her with absolutely no memory of how I got there. This was our “rock bottom”.

In the next few weeks, we hired a sleep consultant and began our sleep training process. This is when it all started for me. I started looking up and researching everything sleep related. I guess you could say I was a tad obsessed. I found myself helping out many of my friends with my newfound knowledge. After a few months, I started talking to my husband about how much I liked doing that, and he asked why I didn’t just become a sleep consultant. At first I thought there was no way I could possibly do that. I was too nervous, too scared, too annoying to post on social media like that, etc. Finally, I decided to take the leap and sign up for TCCA.

To make a long story short, I was blown away at the amount of information and support I was given almost immediately. Melissa and her team have really done an outstanding job of building a course and community that empowers and supports everyone through training, launching their business, and beyond. I have grown so much and really come alive thanks to the support of Melissa and the ladies I have met through this program. I have met some of my closest friends and biggest supporters through this program.

Now that I’ve given you the sparknotes version of my story, let’s talk about three things to consider if you are considering making this a career.


Choose a program that you think will best support you. I’m a little partial to The Cradle Coach Academy, but I will tell you this just like I’d tell you about my own business. It’s not a good fit for everyone. There are many different ways and places to get your certification as a sleep consultant, so make sure you do your research. Email them and ask if you can talk to previous graduates. I’ve personally talked with a few people who have been considering TCCA, and I’d love to talk with you about the process and what you can expect.


The best part of this job is seeing the changed lives after they begin sleeping again. It’s a crazy and stressful journey for most parents, and you being there supporting them means everything to them. They are coming to you because they are at rock bottom and need you. You get the amazing opportunity to walk hand in hand with these parents through their worst and bring them to a place where they feel themselves again.


When you graduate you have the choice to start your own business or apply to join in with a pre-existing company. I can’t speak to what happens if you join in with someone else, but if you choose to start your own business, you have complete control of your schedule. Right now since my husband has gone back to work, I’m working during nap times and after bed time. I know other women who work 3 days a week. Some keep their part or full time jobs and still work as a sleep consultant.

If you’d like to know more about becoming a sleep consultant or have any questions in general, I’d love to chat with you. Send me an email, and follow me on social media!

Email: thebestrestsleepconsulting@gmail.com
Instagram: @thebestrest.sleep
Facebook: The Best Rest Sleep Consulting



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