Foster + Adoption Sleep Consultant certifcation course

Learning to be gentle with the families that need it most

Maybe you've felt like this

You have a very clear understanding of what it means to gently sleep train. Still, you’ve had several experiences in which a family needs to take it even slower, be even more present — MORE gentle.

You want to serve those families well, and that means doing things differently. You want a more solid action plan, more organized approach to helping families in unique situations, with high needs children or simply those with a very firm intention on sleep training in the most gentle (but effective) way possible.

And it IS possible.
Our Fostering & Adoption Sleep Consultant Certification Course was initially created for (you guessed it!) sleep consultants working with fostered and/or adoption children.
After hearing from our graduates, we now see how this material can be applied beyond the original scope we imagined. It’s all about taking gentle sleep training and breaking it down at a much slower pace — with much more upfront assessment and parental participation.

sleep training

Where do we start? with attachment

Specifically for fostered or adopted children, attachment is the vital foundation needed in order to move forward with any change in routine.

In this course, we teach you how to fully grasp a child’s full story, understand their history and take it all into consideration as you build out a more gentle plan that’s ultimately executed in multiple steps over time.

Learn to be gentle

when families need it most

If you’re looking to make gentle sleep training your niche, looking to expand your offerings or further confirm your legitimacy in this industry, adding the Fostering & Adoption Sleep Certification to your resume is the most logical next step in your career.

To be given a deeper understanding of a child’s struggles or background, to help in implementing the attachment he needs to thrive and then to put all the pieces in place for that child to sleep soundly…what a gift. What a testament to the importance of your role as a sleep consultant.

kind words

“I’ve been able to take a lot of what I learned into my sleep plan”

I felt as if the course helped me tremendously when it came to helping other families. I was taught to about the possible mindset of these babies and toddlers and to take my time with them.
– Jamie

“TCCA has been a great resource for my growing business”

I often chat with other graduates as if we are co-workers! I took this course to broaden my understanding of sleep and help more families in my community.
– Heidi

The Instructor

Melissa Perry

Melissa is the founder of The Cradle Coach Academy. She is a certified maternity, baby and toddler sleep consultant and owner of The Cradle Coach. She has also received her certification as a Happiest Baby on the Block educator and a certified Newborn Care Advanced Specialist from the Newborn Care Training Academy.


but nothing we’ve done is something that you can’t do too. 

change is possible.

in this course, you will learn

Many families who have adopted children, or are currently fostering a child, deal with sleep issues. Our six module course provides a comprehensive assessment of the child’s history, difficulties, needs and protective factors in order to understand a full scope of the child’s sleep factors. We consider information from various sources along with the child’s behavior in different settings, such as their home, school, and among their peers, to form a detailed plan to help give this child the best sleep possible within the family dynamic.

Section One

  • Brain Development and Trauma
  • Attachment Theory
  • Bedtime routine and the sleep environment
  • Proper sleep plans, sleep techniques and support
  • Common Sleep Issues in adopted and foster children
  • Case scenarios
Requirements to Complete Certification

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  • Completion of all 6 course modules, which breaks down into 2-3 hours of online, self-paced course work per module

  • Completion of all homework assignments, final projects, and quizzes.  

  • Proof of CPR Certification (link to online course provided)

  • Proof of insurance (professional liability insurance runs between $150-$200/yearly. Companies to use is provided)

How This Program Works

Self-Paced Course Taught By Experienced Experts
Online class content is taught by the most experienced instructors in their field, divided by topic, and each module contains video instruction, homework assignments, and downloadable resources.
Scientific Knowledge with Hands On Training
With over 20 hours of self-paced content and mentorship, our certification gives you the in-depth scientific knowledge and training you need to work with foster and adopted families with children 0-5 years old.
Live Support & Continued Education
Not only will you be guided by a live instructor throughout the program but you will have lifetime access into our monthly expert workshops, vault of continued education courses, and so much more.

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Fearful of Starting?

You have the passion and desire to help families who are struggling with their child’s sleep, but still have some uncertainty about starting your own business, finding clients and marketing yourself. This is a normal feeling that many of our students have felt. Don’t let that stop you – there are options!

Upon completion of the infant and toddler sleep consultant course, we offer our students a list of the most reputable sleep consulting companies in the industry who are currently looking to employ certified sleep consultants! These companies have come to us knowing the depth to which we train our students and looking to hire.

take a look behind the scenes

Sign up to take a behind the scene tour of our live open house! Watch the virtual tour of our baby and toddler sleep consultant certification course and learn all that we offer our students here at The Cradle Coach Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our Philosophy: While most programs educate on a specific method, at The Cradle Coach Academy we understand that every family and child are unique, so their sleep training methods should be too! Since we take a personalized approach to training, you will be educated on multiple approaches so you can guide your future clients to the method that they are comfortable with, and that suits their child’s personality and temperament! As a sleep consultant, you want to be sure you are seeing the entire situation from all angles, so we’ve brought in amazing instructors to continue the learning of sleep from each of their view points. This allows you to offer support and knowledge to your future clients.
  • Our Program: Most of our students are busy moms, and we know what that’s like! The idea of starting a new career and launching a new business can seem daunting. The Cradle Coach Academy has made Sleep Consultant Certification possible wherever you are and no matter your workload. Our program is entirely online, making it possible for you to study from any part of the world, and is completely self-paced! And your instructor is with you, walking along the sleep journey alongside you, to answer your questions, take your knowledge further and help you to see things in a perspective you will need to have as a pediatric sleep consultant. While most students finish in about 3 months, you can make that time fly by quicker, or even slow it down if you need it. The choice is YOURS!
  • Our Community: Upon graduation, The Cradle Coach Academy course helps you launch into a business that is 100% fully your own or gives your the proper information on how to get hired as a sleep consultant for an existing company! Either way, this doesn’t mean you’re alone in doing so. TCCA is a community of vibrant, goal-oriented, encouraging women that you will be part of for a lifetime! We have Q+A’s constantly being shared within our private Facebook community, special workshops and retreats for TCCA grads, and peer-to-peer mentorship that you will always have access to. You’re not in this alone, and we want all of our graduates to reach the heights of success. We’ll do whatever we can to help guide you there! And all of this is included in your initial tuition payment – no additional fees are included.
Yes!!! We’re an approved for training program from the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and we have students from all across the world. TCCA Sleep Certification program is also approved by the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants who has members across the globe. If you wish to take your national board exam to complete your NCS certification, the Newborn Care Specialist Association (NCSA) requires a minimum of 1400 hours working as a paid NCS and completing a case study.
Not necessarily. The Cradle Coach Academy will provide you with your sleep consultant certification upon completion of the program, allowing you to practice on your own or for another sleep agency. If you want to be part of The Cradle Coach team, you will need to apply after graduating the program, if there is an opening. Keep in mind, we don’t hire consultants unless they have graduated from our program, so once there is an opening on our team, we will only consider our graduates!
  • Brain Development and Trauma
  • Attachment Theory
  • Bedtime routine and the sleep environment
  • Proper sleep plans, sleep techniques and support
  • Common Sleep Issues in adopted and foster children
  • Case scenarios
Between the course lecture and the assignments, you will take approximately 2 hours for each module.
If we could change one thing about what we do, we would change the term “sleep training”. When people hear about sleep training, they automatically think they will be forced to let their child cry. As your sleep guide, our mission here at TCCA is to find the right method of sleep plan that suits each unique family and situation. We don’t practice with one program or one method. We educate on many methods and our goal always is for our clients to choose a method that is presented to them, that they are comfortable with, one that suits their child’s personality and temperament. We will offer our clients the guidance and support that is needed to make it through the process.
Once you purchase the course, you will receive a login and password to unlock the entire program. The course is all online!


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