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The Cradle Coach Academy’s online, self-paced certification courses are taught by the most experienced instructors in their field. With over 200 hours of content, mentorship, and hands-on volunteer experience, our certifications give you the in-depth scientific knowledge and training you need to work with families with children 0-5 years old.


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Baby + Toddler Sleep Consultant Certification

Learn to guide parents in establishing a sleep plan customized to the personality and temperament of their child.

Newborn Care Specialist Certification Course

Learn all aspects of infant care for the first three to four months.

Fostering + Adoption Sleep Consultant Certification

Provides a comprehensive assessment of the child’s history, difficulties, needs to fully understand a child’s sleep factors.

I am so grateful that I can bring life, joy, and sleep into more homes!

Becoming a Sleep Consultant is also so rewarding because I can do it all from the comfort of my own home, and still help support our family. I love that I can impact and make a difference in others’ lives, while still being present and available for my family.
Janelle Aubert

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Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant

Certification Program

A career you’ll love. The flexibility you need.

A pediatric sleep consultant is an expert in healthy sleep habits and techniques and guides parents in establishing a sleep plan customized to the personality and temperament of their child. A sleep consultant can also help parents resolve any issues that may be interfering with sleep and affecting the child’s well-being.

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Newborn Care Specialist

Certification Course

Everything you need to know to launch into the newborn care field!

A newborn care specialist (NCS) focuses on all aspects of infant care in the first 3-4 months, offering physical care to newborns, advice on newborn development, and help in establishing daily routines. A NCS also receives specialized training in implementing healthy sleep habits for newborns, breastfeeding support, postpartum care, and multiples and preemie care.

Fostering and Adoption Sleep

Consultant Certification

For the sleep consultant who desire to get specialized to best serve these families.

Many families who have adopted children, or are currently fostering a child, deal with sleep issues. This course provides a comprehensive assessment of the child’s history, difficulties, needs and protective factors in order to understand a full scope of the child’s sleep factors.

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Consultora Pediátrico Del Sueño

curso de certificación

Una carrera que te encantará. La flexibilidad que necesitas.

Un consultor pediátrico del sueño es un experto en hábitos y técnicas de sueño saludables y guía a los padres en el establecimiento de un plan de sueño personalizado según la personalidad y el temperamento de su hijo. Un asesor del sueño también puede ayudar a los padres a resolver cualquier problema que pueda estar interfiriendo con el sueño y afectando el bienestar del niño.

Continued Education Membership

For Sleep Consultants

Subscribe to our vault of continued education courses, with 4-6 new courses added annually!

We offer existing certified sleep consultants the opportunity to continue to grow their knowledge and training with continued education courses. This is a yearly subscription renewal to our current library of courses as well as all additional courses released throughout the year!

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