Newborn Care Specialist

supporting parents and baby as they acclimate to a whole new world

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You're passionate about helping families navigate the postpartum stage

As a Newborn Care Specialist, you get to fill a mama’s cup and support her side-by-side​

It’s the dream for anyone who feels passionate about getting into the home and loving on a family in the trenches of the earliest days of life for their newest addition.

As a nanny or other childcare professional, you might often find yourself on the receiving end of emails from a mother feeling helpless…and your heart hurts because you want to do more than “Reply” and go about your day. She needs a hug, she needs a nap, but you’re only able to give her a virtual pat on the back and several reassuring exclamation points.

— while getting your baby fix all at the same time.​

An NCS Certification allows you to do
the “more” you crave to give.

From establishing a routine and implementing a strong foundation for healthy sleep habits…to supporting that mother in her 4th trimester through breastfeeding support and infant care education, an NCS is a new parent’s saving grace.

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AND it’s the perfect addition to this career you’ve begun — the career that’s changing lives every single day.

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…meaning you have the option to go about your normal routine as a sleep consultant, nanny or other professional and then work inside the home, taking in that fresh newborn smell when you need a breath of fresh air.

Your career allows flexibility — now, you get to be flexible with both your time AND your services. You’re adding more legitimacy to your name, and you’re given the opportunity to REALLY serve parents in some of their most vulnerable moments.

have your cake and eat it too…​

gaining newborn care specialist education allows you to


We were taught how we should approach certain situations and walk in confidence to do so. I recommend anyone who is looking to become a newborn specialist to make sure the right school offers the right certificate you need and I can honestly say that The Cradle Coach Academy offers this and more.

My experience was great because we. have the tools first hand"

Nicole, Balanced Sleep Co

since launching in July. It’s a very gentle, intuitive, and very successful program. The newborn care specialist course help me to understand the complex needs of newborns, but yet how widely flexible you can be in shaping their sleep.

We have helped 40 families so far..."

You have the passion and desire to help families who are entering this new stage in their lives. You want to ensure that they have a great start to their new life as parents (or parents of more than one child!) and you can't wait to support them through this.

You CAN do this, whether you decide to work for an agency or start your own business. All it takes is taking that first step and enrolling. The rest will fall into place from there.

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as a newborn care specialist?

How much can you make

If you are looking to work for an existing agency and wanting to work within the home of a client… 

If you are a sleep consultant looking to add to your services but without working in the client's home…

If you are willing to hustle, connect and build a business to make into your full time job….


One client per month
average sale $35/ hour




on average

on average

on average


Newborn Care Specialists earn anywhere from $18-$35/hour depending on if they start their own business or work for an existing company.

(approx. 40 hours per week)

(approx. 40-55 hours per month)

(approx. 40 hours per week)

Postpartum Bliss

and informative and really helped to elevate my postpartum doula business as I added overnight support to my list of services. I am also currently taking the Cradle Coach Academy Sleep Consultant course. I have nothing but positive things to say about these trainings!"

The Newborn Care course was so helpful..."

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Before I knew it, I was all done with it. It was so much fun! You can listen to this course anywhere and everywhere. I have learned so much. The team was extremely attentive and supportive. The Cradle Coach Academy NCS course opens windows of brand new possibilities! It is amazing!

I was able to complete the program in a timely manner"

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We offer flexible payment plans to fit your needs. We also offer affirm, klarna and afterpay in some areas, which allows you to get the benefit of a payment plan.

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