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✓ Learn and master the must-have techniques, skills, and tools that positively impact families.

✓ Equip parents with effective strategies to identify and manage challenging behaviors.
✓ Offer tangible methods to navigate parenthood while fostering a supportive environment for children and parents. 
✓ Help parents feel less isolated by providing healthy communication, problem-solving, and coping skills.

Our Fully Comprehensive Program, Expert Guidance, And Practical Implementation. 


With These Tools, You’ll Support Parents Effectively, Earn A Substantial Income, And Establish A Path To Long Term Success

To Be An Active Part Of Building Strong, Loving Families. 

While Feeding The Deep-Seated Drive You Have To Make A Difference. 

Because When Families Thrive, We All Do

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This is What It Looks Like To Fulfill A Calling. 

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With lifetime access to self-paced modules that can be accessed anywhere – even the most hectic of schedules can carve out time to work through the program. 

Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, we will ensure you maximize every moment. 

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You have a lot on your plate...

You Are Brand New To Coaching...

Information overload and a real fear of failure can turn dreams into dread. Not on our watch!

We included access to our expert-led, supportive community with live Q&As to help you overcome all the feels while working through the program.

You Want To Expand Your Current Business 

Whether you’re a life coach, wellness expert, therapist, sleep consultant, or other parent-related practice, Parenting coaching is a perfect way to enrich your current services. 

Boost your bottom line while expanding your business with our nothing-left-out program! 

You’re Here Because You Believe In The Power Of Helping Others.

Meaningful Work Starts With Desire And Ends With Impact

Work from anywhere at any time. Flexibility is built into any coaching practice, allowing you to create a professional (and personal) lifestyle that aligns with your values, current responsibilities, and the things that light you up! 

The satisfaction that comes with making a profound difference in the lives of families is hard to put into words. Your work becomes more than tasks or schedules. It becomes a source of constant fulfillment and joyous purpose. 

Achieve the financial independence you've always dreamed of while doing work you love. With a thriving parenting coaching practice, you have the potential to earn a lucrative income and create long-term wealth for yourself and your family.


Financial Freedom


A Thriving Parenting Coaching Practice Allows You:

The inevitable, “Will anyone want this service” question that pops up before you acquire a new skill is… totally normal. 

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Parents Need Your Compassion And Support

These Skills Help Families Form Strong Bonds And Happy Homes. A Much-Desired Result Many Parents Are Desperate To Receive. 


It's about...
Teaching Innovative Strategies 
Empower families to overcome challenges and parenting complexities at every stage with confidence and resilience. 

Improved Family Dynamics 
Gain access to practical tools and resources designed to promote stability, consistency, and harmony within the family unit. 

Cultivating Emotional Safety
Proven techniques to cultivate emotional safety within families, encouraging open communication, vulnerability, and empathy among family members.

All Of This (And Much More) Is Possible With Our…

Parent Coach Certification Program

Inside This Program You Will...

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If you’re ready to acquire and apply all the necessary skills to become a highly sought-after coach for parents…
We're ready to show you how!

✅ Learn from an experienced educator and practitioners in the field of parent coaching, who bring a wealth of knowledge, insights, and practical experience to the program.

✅ Benefit from flexible learning options, including self-paced modules, online resources, and virtual workshops, that accommodate your busy schedules and diverse learning styles. 

✅ Connect with an exclusive community of like-minded parent coaches, educators, and industry professionals.

✅ Engage in interactive learning experiences, including expert-led workshops, live Q&As, and hands-on exercises.

unlock the three

Keys to Parent Coaching Success

Gain immediate (and lifetime) access to our comprehensive online course hub, where all the tools, resources, and lessons you need to succeed are at your fingertips. 

Learn at your own pace and revisit materials whenever needed. This will ensure you're equipped for success every step of the way.

Receive personalized implementation support and engage in live Q&A sessions with our expert instructors. 

Whether you have questions about course material, need guidance on applying concepts in real-world scenarios, or simply seek clarification, we are here to provide you with the assistance you need to thrive as a parent coach.

Beyond the initial training, our community provides a lifeline of support as you get started in your business.

We offer 12 months of support to make sure you have everything you need to navigate challenges, celebrate successes, and thrive in your role as a parent coach for the long haul. 

implementation support

Ongoing guidance

online course hub

with our comprehensive program

Get The Inside Scoop On Our Program's In-Depth Topics: 

  • Guide parents in creating meaningful moments and fostering open communication with their children.

  • Help families set achievable goals with the tools to create positive changes in children's behavior.

  • Break negative patterns causing an unhealthy family dynamic and create a supportive environment. 

01: Facilitate Strong Bonds And Deepen Connections

  • Provide a sense of security and predictability through routines that promote stability and emotional well-being within the family dynamic.

  • Engage in open discussions with parents and children about setting healthy boundaries.

  • Define expectations and consequences within the family. This is a crucial component of creating a place where everyone feels valued. 

02: Structure, Routine And Boundaries…oh, my! 

  • Go beyond physical safety measures to create a nurturing and emotionally supportive environment at home.

  • Learn how to cultivate emotional safety by leveraging open dialogue about feelings and experiences.

  • Discover techniques to validate emotions without judgment and promote a culture of acceptance within the family dynamic.

03: Establish Their Emotional Safe Zone

  • Teach families to regulate emotions effectively during challenging situations using simple yet powerful exercises.

  • Explore the effectiveness of breathing techniques in managing stress and promoting relaxation.

  • Provide tools to help your clients stay present, reduce anxiety levels, and approach parenting challenges with patience and clarity.

04: Calm The Chaos 

We offer flexible payment plans to fit your needs. We also offer affirm, klarna and afterpay in some areas, which allows you to take advantage of the pay in full pricing while still getting the benefit of a payment plan

What is the Investment?

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With countless graduates building and scaling their own businesses, we feel confident that if you show up, put in the work, and commit – success is inevitable! 

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Let's talk about the bottom line...

Where Making A Difference Meets Untapped Income Opportunities

New to the coaching world? No problem! We walk you through every step of client fulfillment. Within a short time (think months, not years), you’ll be charging $100-$150 per hour.

With 5 clients per month and 4 sessions each, that’s an average of $3,000, in just 25-40 hours/mo.

Adding parenting coaching to your repertoire can potentially elevate your business to new heights. 

Not only will it enrich your existing offerings, but it can also lead to a substantial increase in your monthly clientele by 50% or more, resulting in a staggering 125% boost in income!

Parenting coaching is a highly in-demand skill set for workshops, content creators, and group offers. Leveraging this new expertise will allow you to take advantage of a new host of opportunities. 

Reach a wider audience and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams!

Already A Sleep Consultant Or Offer A Related Service?

Looking To Expand Beyond Working One-on-One?

Starting from scratch?

Meet Your Instructor

Lori Steele-Starr is a passionate early childhood educator of nearly 3 decades, Certified sleep coach turned Parenting Coach, professional speaker, defender of play & safe healthy childhoods, and mom of two incredible adopted sons.

She is dedicated to helping parents navigate the wild ride of raising kids by empowering parents through education, support, and a sprinkle of humor.  

And now? 

She’s committed to taking you behind the scenes, sharing her proven methods and unique frameworks she used to create her own successful parent coaching business. 

All while being right there with you to answer questions, talk through big concepts, and help apply your new skills.

Behind The Program...

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You're interested in learning new strategies and techniques to address common parenting challenges effectively.

You're excited about the opportunity to create customized parenting solutions that align with families' unique needs and values.

You're seeking a supportive community of like-minded professionals for collaboration, networking, and mentorship.

You're committed to fostering deep connections and promoting emotional well-being within families.

You're a current coach or parent-related service provider looking to expand your expertise and offer holistic support to families.

You're dedicated to continuous learning and personal growth in the field of parenting coaching.

You're passionate about making a positive impact on families' lives and helping them thrive.

This program is for you if...

What is parent coaching, and how does it differ from other forms of coaching?


What is parent coaching, and how does it differ from other forms of coaching?


Parent coaching is a specialized form of coaching focused on supporting parents in navigating the challenges of raising children. Unlike other forms of coaching, such as life coaching or executive coaching, parent coaching specifically addresses parenting-related issues, such as managing behavior, improving communication, and fostering healthy family dynamics.

Do I need any prior experience or qualifications to enroll in the program?

Do I need any prior experience or qualifications to enroll in the program?

No prior experience or qualifications are required to enroll in our program. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to accommodate learners of all backgrounds and experience levels, providing the necessary training and guidance to become a successful parent coach.

How long does the certification program take to complete, and is it self-paced?


The duration of our certification program varies depending on individual learning pace and commitment level. Our program is self-paced, allowing you to progress through the curriculum at a speed that suits your schedule and preferences. 

On average, most students should be able to complete the program within 6 weeks. You will have access to coaching calls and the community for 12 months. 

Will I receive a certification upon completion?

Will I receive a certification upon completion?

Yes, upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a recognized credential that demonstrates your expertise and competency as a certified parent coach. We recommend working with volunteer clients (3+) to start, but it is not a requirement of the program in order to receive your certification.

Can I participate in the program if I have a full-time job or other commitments?

Can I participate in the program if I have a full-time job or other commitments?

Yes, our program is designed to accommodate learners with busy schedules and other commitments. With our self-paced format, you can complete coursework and assignments at your convenience, allowing you to balance your studies with work, family, and other obligations.

What career opportunities are available to certified parent coaches?

What career opportunities are available to certified parent coaches?

As a certified parent coach, you can pursue a variety of career paths, including establishing your private coaching practice, working with schools or community organizations, writing parenting books or blogs, and delivering workshops or seminars.

What do we get access to within this program, and how much support is provided?


When you enroll, you receive lifetime access to the self-paced online course material. You will also receive 12 months of access to our private student community where you may ask questions any time and get feedback. During this 12 months you will also have access to monthly Q&A calls with Lori and monthly training topics.

Turn Your Calling Into a Dream Career 

Our Parent Coaching Certification Program is your ticket to transforming lives while you build a sustainable, lucrative practice. 

Real change and lasting connections. 

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