Live Open House

I started my business in 2012. I built the website by googling “how to build a website”, the services based on my own needs as a new mom, the branding, and the Facebook account that no one followed. Instagram wasn’t even a thing then. 

I didn’t know the first thing about starting a business or how to get a client to pay me.

I downloaded freebies constantly, filled in all the PDFs. I had a notebook full.
I listened to all the podcasts. And googled everything there was to starting a business.

But I was afraid. I didn’t know the first thing there was and didn’t want to invest in myself if I wasn’t going to do well. What was the point.

There was a specific certification program I wanted to join, but it was $6k or more. I sat and thought about it for a year, feeling too nervous and guilty to invest my family’s money towards it.

Here’s what I didn’t know then…

My success was inevitable.

Not because I’m a genius, or lucky, or have the right personality.
My success was inevitable because I was not going to quit until I made this business work.

Why? Because I had a desire to help mother’s all over the world help give their babies the sleep they need to thrive! I wanted a mother to see they were doing a great job no matter how hard and exhausting they were feeling and empower them to accomplish anything! 

I decided to get serious. I made the investment and got certified in baby and toddler sleep.
I learned, grew, and became more confident in the services I was offering. I talked to more people and collaborated with more businesses within my community.

By the end of 2017, I had a team of 6 sleep consultants I had hired, I was making enough money to leave my part time job and focus solely on my business and serving families all over the world!

I share this with you because it’s true for you too. YOUR success is inevitable too.

If you don’t let fear stop you, if you take a chance and invest in yourself… you WILL get there.

And in The Cradle Coach Academy, we will help you make it happen.

I’ve built every single piece of the program to make your success inevitable:

  • It’s lifetime membership, so you join once and have the program for as long as you want and need it… there is not a ticking clock of program ending or the pressure of monthly payments

  • The course is short, bite size videos that make it easy to learn and implement quickly

  • The course workbook gives prompts to help you apply what you learn to your business without confusion

  • The monthly group coaching is available to you so you do not get stuck in inaction and keep moving forward – and past calls are available to give you the boost of motivation you need

  • The community and coaching calls allow you to grow your business and to help you work through current clients that might have you stumped. 

  • The program instructors are on call for you in the community for any questions you have, so you don’t have to wait until a monthly call for support

  • The community of other women are there for friendship and cheerleading as you build your business so you don’t have to do this alone

  • Being around other business owners with big goals normalizes goals, business ownership, and making money in your brain, so it feels safer for you to do

  • Bonus continued education courses and resources fill in any gaps that might be blocking you (from time management to self confidence and more)

Wow, that got really long – but the thing I really want you to know is that you can do this. The dreams you have aren’t too big, they matter, and you don’t have to wait to make them happen.

Come take a look behind the scenes during our LIVE open house. I answer your questions, give you a behind the scenes tour of our program and have you meet some of our graduates. And there is an added discount bonus for those who watch. So don’t hesitate – sign up for the recording here:

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