Marilyn Banse

I am a native Floridian with over 20 years of professional experience with newborns and infants and mom of four boys! In 2018, after assisting dozens of families with care for their infants and toddlers, I decided it was time to put a certified title to my name. I enrolled in TCCA Baby and Toddler Sleep Course and began working with families in the US and abroad as a Certified Sleep Consultant.

In 2019, I was thrilled to join The Cradle Coach team as the Tampa Bay, FL area consultant. As a Certified Newborn Care Specialist and Certified Lactation Consultant, together Melissa and I shared a desire to help provide others with the knowledge and skill to assist families of newborns with in-home, hands-on care on a professional level. We decided to launch The Newborn Care Specialist Course to fill this need.


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