Whether you are an aspiring Sleep Consultant, a recently graduated Sleep Consultant or an experienced Sleep Consultant, this is not an episode you’re going to want to miss.

Prior to becoming a sleep consultant, Courtney always said she would never start her own business; she was overwhelmed with the ins and outs of it all. However, the course was so helpful in walking her through this and she ended up launching her own business after all and is so grateful she took that leap.

Courtney also was worried about being able to make connections with other professionals because she has more of a reserved and quiet personality. She has had great success with making those connections and has had the opportunity to build relationships with several doctors, OTs, speech therapists, and mental health therapists.

Courtney also shares a super exciting and recent update to her business that is going to help her reach even more families who need her help.

Find Courtney on Instagram at @countingsleepwithcourtney and at www.countingsleepwithcourtney.com

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