Advisory Committee

Hope Frazier

Hope is a graduate of The Cradle Coach Academy and created In Heavenly Peace, a company based off a desire to help moms find the peaceful nights their minds and bodies were craving. After having their first child, Hope and her husband were lost, not knowing how to best set her up to grow and sleep well. Thankfully, they were given advice from a doctor and a friend, to establish age-appropriate sleep training habits from the start. Their advice worked, and it gave Hope peace. 

Hunter Larsen

Hunter Larsen is a certified Cradle Coach Academy graduate and mom of a rambunctious two-year-old. Hunter prides her consulting on natural, developmentally normal sleep, along with strong parental support, and can be found on Instagram @hunterrian. Hunter is also a Registered Dental Hygienist, and adjunct professor at Idaho State University, and mentors other sleep consultants in their own personal businesses. Her family currently lives in Idaho, where they enjoy horses, gardening, and vacations to the beach.

Whitney Westenberg

Whitney is a graduate of The Cradle Coach Academy and created You Sleep We Sleep. She was born in Long Beach, California but now currently resides in Düsseldorf, Germany with her husband and two fraternal twin girls. She started to work on their sleep at 8 months old and had them sleeping through the night shortly after! Whitney also holds certifications as a Happiest Baby Educator, and Extended Education in Healthy Baby Sleep, QEKK 2020 (Germany). 

Jenna Searby

Jenna is the owner of Wink & Bundle, a pediatric sleep consulting company based in the Washington DC Metro Area. She is a certified infant and toddler sleep consultant, a certified breastfeeding counselor, a pediatric RN, and a mother of four children who loves to help tired parents teach their children how to get great restorative sleep! Her personalized approach helps establish sleep foundations, set patterns, and new routines to fit your family and parenting style.

Ashlyn Strickland

Ashlyn Strickland is a certified pediatric sleep consultant after completing her certification at The Cradle Coach Academy. She started her business, The Best Rest Sleep Consulting, in October 2020 after being so desperate, tired and irritable with her own child’s sleep. Around 4.5 months after Ashlyn’s daughter was born, they decided to find a sleep consultant and hiring one literally changed her life. This is where the deep passion and desire to help other tired families began! 

Jenna Kreger

Jenna is a certified infant and toddler sleep consultant and owns Mama Needs Sleep. She went from having a baby that wouldn’t nap unless they were in the car or on a walk and waking 4+ times a night to having a baby who naps in his crib and sleeps through the night. She is truly passionate about helping others get that same sleep she so desperately desired. She knows first hand how life changing and life giving it can be to have a good little sleeper. Helping families get the sleep they need is her passion and she absolutely loves what she gets to do!
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