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Cut through the confusing and conflicting information you see all over social media and learn the exact steps you need to quickly grow your Sleep Consulting business with inexpensive ads and simple sales and marketing strategies.

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  • Wake up each morning to several new leads who found you while you were sleeping
  • Create powerful transformations and amazing results because you can focus on the client vs. spending hours on outreach
  • Ditch sleazy sales tactics and desperate cold outreach
  • Build the foundation for improved lead generation with less stress and time commitment

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You started this business because you were passionate about helping families, but you also want to be paid for the services that you provide. You've been stuck in a vicious cycle of not knowing what to do to market yourself in the most efficient way possible, so you've stuck with creating time-consuming Instagram reels that get very few views and you don't know where else to turn. 

I created this program because through tons of trial and error in my own sleep consulting business, I figured out what worked and what allowed me to invest just a little time on content up front, followed by long-term results and wins.

This is a sales and marketing strategy course made FOR sleep consultants BY a sleep consultant so you know it is relevant to your business and your client.

What is Included in the Program

Phase 1

Phase 2

phase 3

Prep for Influx of Leads

Call in Your People with Ease

Sell to Your Leads

In Phase 1, I help you prep for the influx of leads. First, we create your strategic freebie so you can have something to offer to bring people into your world. Next, we focus on streamlining where and how you are creating content to maximize the return on time investment.

In this phase, we get your Facebook and Instagram ads up and running so that you can bring even more leads into your business on a regular basis (and around the clock!) using my inexpensive ad strategies that work. I provide step-by-step instruction so you can get going as quickly as possible.

This phase is all about sales. I walk you through simple (non-icky) strategies for converting the leads you have brought into your business into paying customers. This phase includes DM scripts, Sales Call scripts (and walk-throughs!) and how to communicate your message as effectively as possible to lower the time to purchase.

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  • You can breathe a sigh of relief because you have your lead generation process in place and can rest easy knowing leads are on their way TO you
  • You have a proven step-by-step marketing and sales process that allows you to engage with potential clients and convert them to paying clients with ease
  • You reach the financial and client goals you have set for yourself and know exactly what to do to keep that consistency going

you are literally changing lives

but you want to be able to do it on a grander scale.
Imagine what it will feel like when...

Charlsie Myers, Quietude Sleep

I joined Marli's program just a few weeks ago and I've made more progress in my business in this short period of time than I did in all the months prior on my own. She has a way of really streamlining what is most important and helping you focus on the right things to really move the needle in your business.

I made more progress in my business in just a few weeks with Marli's program than I did in all the months prior on my own

Katie Kosciuk

I'm currently working with my first client that I know I can directly link to my ad. Despite not having a huge influx of email subscribers or downloads for my guide, I feel very positive about the experience as I've had way more traffic to my website than ever before. That traffic has given me analytics and data that has helped me with insights into what's working and what's not, and I've been able to make some adjustments along the way. You shared information that I'm not sure I would've ever been able to source on my own, so thank you!

I wanted to share with you how much value I've gotten from this..."

We offer affirm, klarna and afterpay in some areas, which allows you to get the benefit of a payment plan.

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