Newborn Care Specialist Certification Course

The Newborn Care Specialist Course

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Self-Paced Course Taught By Experienced Experts

Online class content is taught by the most experienced instructors in their field, divided by topic, and each module contains video instruction, downloadable resources and all the legal documents you need to work as a NCS. 

Scientific Knowledge with Hands On Training 

With over 16 hours of self-paced content and mentorship, our newborn care specialist course gives you the in-depth scientific knowledge and training you need to work with families with children 0-4 months old. 

Live Support & Continued Education 

Not only will you be guided by a live instructor throughout the program but you will have lifetime access into our monthly expert workshops, our private Facebook group, vault of continued education courses, and so much more.

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Marilyn Banse

Meet Marilyn

Marilyn is a mom of four boys and a native Floridian with over 20 years of professional experience with newborns and infants. In 2018, after assisting dozens of families with care for their infants and toddlers, she enrolled in TCCA Baby and Toddler Sleep Course and began working with families in the US and abroad as a Certified Bay and Toddler Sleep Consultant. In 2019, she became a Certified Newborn Care Specialist and Certified Lactation Consultant.

Melissa Perry

Meet Melissa

Melissa is the founder and lead sleep instructor here at The Cradle Coach Academy. She is a certified maternity, baby and toddler sleep consultant and owner of The Cradle Coach. She has also received her certification as a Happiest Baby on the Block educator and a certified Newborn Care Advanced Specialist from the Newborn Care Training Academy.

A newborn care specialist (NCS) focuses on all aspects of infant care in the first 3-4 months, offering physical care to newborns, advice on newborn development, and help in establishing daily routines. A NCS also receives specialized  training in implementing healthy sleep habits for newborns, breastfeeding support, postpartum care, and multiples and preemie care.

The certification course is divided into eight components:

Components 1-4

This is a 12 module, self-paced recorded lecture study that discusses newborn care, stages of prematurity, preemie issues and concerns, special care for preemies, all things twins and risk factors for multiples, triplets, and more. Each module contains resources and downloadable guides. 

Components 5-7

This is a 7 module, self-paced recorded lecture study regarding everything you need to know about the abc’s of feeding, breastfeeding, common feeding issues, newborn sleep and sleep development, and postpartum complications and caring for mom. 

Component 8

Building Your Business vs Working with an Agency: This is a 2 module, self-paced recorded lecture study regarding everything you need to know about starting your business, marketing, how to gain clients, and brand strategy. If your hearts desire is to work with an existing agency, we teach you how to nail your interview, what to bring and how to prepare for the job of your dreams. 

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Requirements to Complete Certification:

  • C1-8 Course Completion: 16 hours of online, self-paced course work

  • A 150-question multiple choice and T/F exam (must score 80% or higher within 2 hours of the allocated time to take test)

  • Professional liability insurance is recommended but not required (link to providers given)

  • CPR Certification is recommended but not required (link to quick online course provided)

Certified Newborn care specialist badge from The Cradle Coach Academy

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“I got motivated from Melissa since when i read her story! Me, same as her, is a mom who sleep trained her baby by herself and later one the babies of my friends and relatives. So i trusted her since that moment. Being a sleep consultant in my country it is not easy at all. It’s a new field and it need a lot of work to show people that there is a way to make them to sleep. But i am not afraid at all. I am sure i can do it because in this programme i got all the information that i need for the sleep of the babies and toddlers, how to deal with their parents and how to launch my own business. So, i have already started to do that and i am very satisfied. I recommend it.”


“I absolutely loved the TCCA sleep certification course and enjoyed every minute of it. In the beginning, I felt as if I wasn’t quite sure if being a sleep consultant was for me but the course gave me the confidence that I can do this! Why not me! Thank you very very much for these few months! Not only have I become certified but I have also learned a lot about myself throughout this journey, gained confidence and felt empowered for what’s ahead.”


“Becoming a student of TCCA was the best thing I could have possibly done! At the time of signing up, I had a 2 year old and was 4 months pregnant, so a lot of people thought I was crazy! Fast forward 9 months and I am now fully certified, with a bunch of happy volunteer clients eager to share my name in their circles, and am ready to launch my business. I couldn’t be more grateful to Melissa for her constant support and for creating such a comprehensive and affordable program that has given me the tools and confidence I need to get going. TCCA has been an absolute blessing, so if you’re a Mama’s like me who is searching for a new home-based career that is easily worked around family life and makes a real difference in the lives of fellow Mama’s, look no further! I honestly cannot recommend TCCA enough.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!!! We’re an approved for training program from the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and we have students from all across the world.

Upon successful completion of the NCS prerequisite course, you will receive a certificate of completion and seals to place on your website. This course allows you to obtain your prerequisite as a newborn care specialist but you will still need to take your national board exam provided by the Newborn Care International.

If you wish to take your national board exam to complete your NCS certification, the Newborn Care Specialist Association (NCSA) requires a minimum of 1400 hours working as a paid NCS and completing a case study.

The Cradle Coach Academy Newborn Care Specialist Certification Course Outline:


module one: welcome (meet your instructors)

module two: the role of a newborn care specialist

module three: what’s the difference between the different positions + scope of practice

module four: certification process

module five: the newborn guide 0-6 months



module one: newborn appearance + characteristics

module two: newborn care

module three: concerns + newborn ailments



module one: risk factors for multiples

module two: twins, triplets, & more



module one: stages of prematurity

module two: expected preemie issues

module three: special care of preemies



module one: abc’s of feeding

module two: breastfeeding

module three: feeding issues



module one: newborn sleep

module two: sleep development



module one: postpartum complications

module two: postpartum psychiatric complications



module one: building your own business vs working for an agency

module two: what’s next

NCS work mainly hands-on within homes! We offer care and support in the postpartum period and throughout mainly the first 4 months of life! Babies this young are not ready for sleep training but sleep conditioning is a huge benefit during this early period! It sets them up with solid sleep foundations that can then be built upon once sleep training is appropriate. And sleep conditioning is just one very small part of the care. Other care provided can be anything from feeding, diapering, schedule management, etc. It really depends on your area and the contracts you decide to work with but the NCS course educates you on everything you need to know to launch into the newborn care field!
In all honesty, having both the sleep certification with a NCS certification sets you apart from so many others in this industry and allows you to break into an amazing market.

16 hours of online, self-paced course work, one 2-hour, 150-question multiple choice exam (must score 80% or higher), and required reading from the list we provide.

No, we do not do any placements. We offer suggestions on newborn care agencies with in your area, but teach you in the course how to obtain jobs after your newborn care course is complete!

Once you have graduated from The Cradle Coach Academy, the growth of the business is up to you. How much time, energy, and tenacity you want to see your business do is based off how much you’re willing to hustle and serve your clients well. We’ve had some students reimburse themselves their full tuition payment in a a week and for others, it took one month.

Once you purchase the course, you will receive a login and password to unlock the entire program. The course is all online!

We teach you everything you will need to know to launch your own newborn care specialist business in the course. But if you know you would much rather work for an existing agency, we teach you how to nail the job you want!

The Cradle Coach Academy does not issue any refunds once the course is paid for.

Upon successful completion of the NCS course you will receive a certificate of completion and seals to place on your website. This course allows you to obtain your prerequisite as a newborn care specialist but you will still need to complete the final certification provided by the Newborn Care International.

Seal of approval from the APSC for certified sleep consultant training program
Seal of Excellence in 2019 for The Cradle Coach Academy
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