It can feel really scary to think about niching down, regardless of what business you’re in. For Allison, it was never really an option to NOT niche down. She became a Sleep Consultant after identifying a major gap in the market, and has since transformed the lives of well over a hundred families.

Allison Ezell is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant from Dallas, Texas, and the founder of Dwell Pediatric Sleep. She is also a wife and mom of four children – a biological son and daughter and two sons who joined her family through adoption. With a special passion for helping foster and adoptive families navigate sleep issues, Allison brings a unique angle to her sleep consultations, as she is able to bring a trauma-informed perspective to a field where it has long been desperately needed. Allison’s goal at Dwell Pediatric Sleep is to help families identify the root cause of their children’s sleep issues and offer practical, science-based solutions and sleep plans that actually work. Allison has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, a Master’s degree in education, and she spent many years in the classroom prior to founding Dwell Pediatric Sleep in 2021.

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