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Your children are your world, but you’re itching to find your “own thing.” More income would be great, but you don’t want to sell shampoo or robotically answer calls for a company that doesn’t even know your name. You want meaningful work that goes beyond your home… that you can do FROM home.

maybe you've felt like this

Or maybe you have a career outside the home, on someone else’s schedule, but hate leaving your little ones to do a job that isn’t satisfying you.

Working in the home, outside the home or serving as your tiny crew’s chauffeur 24/7...

You’re here because you’re searching for more. You’re here because your heart is just begging to serve.

You’re here because you’re passionate about baby and toddler sleep.

You came out of the trenches of exhaustion in the early days of motherhood, revived and feeling brand new after sleep training your baby.

Regardless of what you're doing now

You realized that your life was then separated into two parts: the one where your baby was up all night, and the one where she slept through the night…and life was never the same.

That experience sparks something in us mothers. We feel like we’ve been handed this secret we have to share with as many tired families as we can…

because it's that life-changing.

the cradle coach academy is unlike any other program. Here's why!

A Little About Us...

We've been around...

we have certified...

they refer to us...

Established in 2018

Trained & Certified
Over 450 Students

Approved by the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants

Some of the most succesful Sleep Consultant company owners in the field.

Becca Campbell from Little Z's

Cara Dumaplin from Taking Cara Babies

cara walker,
Well rested mama

Jori Gardner, The
crib coach

katy Bourzikas, Well rested wee ones

because they know the quality of our education

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The thought of owning your own business feels time consuming (and let’s be real, we’re already stretched too thin).

“But where would I find the TIME to start my own business? Time for all the legal stuff, marketing, website, contracts and all the unknown nitty gritty? Do I have to be an influencer now?!”

Trust us, we’ve been there. Your concerns are valid, but you’re in luck…those are the exact concerns we thought about when building The Cradle Coach Academy. We give you the in-depth training and education you need to confidently start building a business, but if owning your own business feels like too much, we teach you how to pursue a career with an existing agency and nail the job of your dreams.

but you're scared you don't have what it takes

You're ready to #sharethespark

“Hey! I just wanted to update you on baby girl and let you know I feel like a totally different person. Because we’re all sleeping, I’m finally able to be the mom I always wanted to be.”

“HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! I’m crying tears of joy! Seriously…thank you SO MUCH. I can’t accurately communicate what this has done for my family. You’ve been a godsend.”

“Vacation requests must be sent in for approvals by Friday”

“Hey girl! Just stumbled across your page and thought you’d be perfect for my team. Are you interested in learning more about this incredible MLM company that could change everything?!”

what if your inbox could go from

Wanting the best of both worlds – a career you actually love or a purpose beyond your four walls AND time at home with the kids – isn’t too much to ask, and we can help you make it happen.

We’ve helped hundreds of women just like you take that spark and ignite a fire that only grows, gives and changes lives every single day.

you were made for this.


to this!

sounds impossible?

keep reading!

as a pediatric sleep consultant?

How much can you make

If you are looking for a profitable side hustle with few hours to spare….

If you are looking for a lucrative part time job that you would like to make into your full time job….

If you are willing to hustle, connect and build a business to make into your full time job….






on average

on average

on average

6 clients per month
average sale $300

Pediatric Sleep Consultants earn anywhere from $60-$150/hour depending on if they start their own business or work for an existing company.

(approx. 25-30 hours per month)

(approx. 40-55 hours per month)

(approx. 90-105 hours per month)

Kate loved the self-paced structure and that the program included the entire framework she needed to build a successful business.

Samantha loved the feedback provided throughout the program and the support during the volunteer process. Tips on marketing and business growth were vital!

Kim loves the structure of the program and how thorough the education is, and how much support is provided throughout.

Becca found the volunteer experience and support provided to be invaluable. The business guidance is an added bonus that is immensely helpful.

Student Feedback

we know it sounds too good to be true.

but nothing we've done is something that you can't do, too.

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change is possible.


We have the most comprehensive business training in the field and offer 2x monthly group Q&A and coaching calls

We offer flexible payment plans to fit your needs. We also offer affirm, klarna and afterpay in some areas, which allows you to take advantage of the pay in full pricing while still getting the benefit of a payment plan

What is the Investment?


one time payment

I'm ready to become a sleep consultant!

  • Online Program: Full Sleep Education for Supporting Children Newborn to 7 Years
  • Business Templates So You Can Launch Quickly & Efficiently
  • Marketing & Sales Education to Support You in Launching & Growing Your Business
  • Private Student & Grad Community for Support
  • 2 Monthly Live Group Q&A Calls Focused on Business Growth and Sleep
  • Monthly Expert Workshops & Continued Education
  • Assigned 1:1 Mentor While You Are Supporting Volunteer Clients
  • Access to Private Community w/ 3 expert mentors during Volunteer phase for support
  • 1:1 Business Launch Call with Marli to Use Within 3 Months of Graduation

Lifetime Access To:


Because of the instant access nature of this online program, There are no refunds for any programs at the cradle coach academy. 

payment plans available as low as $150 per month with Affirm

Get your sneek peak!

Want a Look Inside?!

Caley Kukla

Jessica Royston

Kerri D'Amico

Caley earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Florida. For the past 11 years, she has worked in a variety of roles to serve families including: preschool teacher, early interventionist, behavior therapist, and now as a private consultant.

Jes is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach where she gets to take her clients on their own journey to wellness. She has various other certifications in Gut Health, Ayurvedic Medicine, Cancer Nutrition and Environmental Medicine. Jes considers herself a forever student because the more she can learn, the more she can help you.

Kerri is a Registered Nurse and has been working in the hospital since 2005, specializing in Neonatal Intensive Care and Postpartum Nursing. She received her certification as a Lactation Counselor and has been practicing since 2016. Kerri is also the assistant Clinical Manager at Jupiter Medical Center for Postpartum and Nursery in Jupiter, FL.

Melissa Perry

Melissa is the founder of The Cradle Coach Academy. She is a certified maternity, baby and toddler sleep consultant and owner of The Cradle Coach. She has also received her certification as a Happiest Baby on the Block educator and a certified Newborn Care Advanced Specialist from the Newborn Care Training Academy.

The Instructors

Olivia felt that tcca helped her through the common fears that come along with learning something new and starting a business. the ongoing resources and support were so helpful.

Kaylee found the marketing and sales education to be extremely valuable. She was able to complete the entire program in 4 months and launch her business.

Carrilee, a nurse anesthetist, loved that the program was taught by established sleep professionals who provided personalized feedback throughout her training.

Sarah found the volunteer experience and customized feedback to be extremely valuable. The community aspect is a game changer!

Student Love

I am a family-first mom of three, goal-oriented entrepreneur, to-do list extraordinaire, avid dreamer and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping tired families all around the world give their child the best sleep possible. I am passionate about training and educating women who have a deep desire to give families the gift of sleep, or to touch the life of a new mother by walking alongside her all while gaining the flexibility they need to be present in their own lives.

With over thirteen years experience in the world of sleep, children, and business, I've had the privilege of running successful businesses and helping families all over the world give their children the sleep they need.

I can't wait to give you the complete roadmap and training so you too can offer that same gift to tired families around the world. 

sleep consultant + Business launch expert

I’m Marli. Owner and Sleep Instructor.​

Get to know me

the coach

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You want to become a part of a community that builds into each other instead of competing against one another

You want the flexibility to work when-and wherever-you want

You want support and mentorship throughout your entire career

You want to be rewarded personally, professionally, and financially

You want to continue to learn and grow from the comfort of your home

You want to help others and enjoy the satisfaction that it brings

You want to become an expert in infant and toddler sleep

This program is for you if...

  • The Role of a Sleep Consultant
  • Sleep Techniques Most Commonly Used
  • Finding the Right Technique Based on Personality and Preference
  • Creating a Foundation for Healthy Sleep
  • The Breastfeeding Relationship
  • Attachment
  • The Newborn Guide: 0-4 Months
  • The Importance of Nutrition
  • The Most Common Sleep Challenges + How to Handle Each
  • All About Naps
  • The Toddler Guide: 18 months-7 years
  • Emotional Strength for Toddlers
  • Multiples, Twins and Adoption
  • Case Scenarios
  • Contains resources, homework assignments, quizzes and a final project at the end to ensure you have grasped all you need to learn for the role as a pediatric Sleep Consultant.

Section One

Course Outline ++ Exactly what you'll learn

  • Working with Clients: The Full Process
  • Gathering the Information + Finding the Root Issues
  • Discovery Calls - Dialogue and Techniques
  • Building Your Custom Client Sleep Plans
  • Presenting Your Sleep Plans + Training Your Clients
  • Follow-up Support + Setting Clear Expectations
  • Keeping Your System Organized
  • Finding Volunteers + 1:1 Mentorship Throughout the Volunteer Process
  • The volunteer experience includes working with a minimum of 5 clients in different age ranges. You will find these clients and walk through the entire sleep process you will have learned. We don't want you to just walk away from this experience with the head knowledge - we want you to apply it while you have a mentor walking alongside you. You will turn in all Sleep Plans to your mentor to review, critique and provide feedback on. In exchange for your service, your client will evaluate you which translates to your first testimonials. Many of our graduates land their first paying clients from volunteer client referrals.

Section Two

  • The Business Foundation: The Heart Work
  • Translating Your Message: Putting Shape to Your Company
  • Logistics and Administrative To Dos
  • Developing Your Website
  • How to Find Clients
  • The Sales Process
  • This section includes The Cradle Coach Academy Business Launch workbook that allows you to dream, create and reach your goals as you walk through each module.

Section Three


We train and certify our students to work with families ages newborn through 7 years old, no additional programs needed

Not only will you be guided by a live instructor throughout the program but you will have access to our monthly expert workshops, our private Facebook group, vault of continued education courses, 2x monthly live group coaching calls, and so much more for life.

With comprehensive self-paced content, mentorship, and volunteer hands-on-experience, our certification gives you the in-depth scientific knowledge and training you need to work with families with children 0-7 years old.

Online class content is taught by the most experienced instructors in their field, divided by topic, and each module contains video instruction, quizzes, homework assignments, and downloadable resources.

I'm in! Sign me up!

the self-paced online course

How the Program Works

So Here's the deal

Self-Paced Course Taught by Experienced Experts

Scientific Knowledge with Hands-On Training

Live Support & Continued Education for LIFE


I felt supported going through the coursework - any clarification needed was addressed. I felt supported working with my volunteer clients--when I was first in the trenches and applying the coursework. I felt supported talking through how the heck to start a business--one thing I never thought I would do.

This program ROCKS."

REVIEW NO. 1 of 2


I am amazed at the instructor's ability to be present for her students and juggle everything else they have going on in life. I never felt neglected or like I was waiting on someone to continue moving forward with the course. Having access to their wealth of knowledge, experience and overall positivity was the most beneficial part of the Academy for me.

They always made me feel heard and supported"

REVIEW NO. 2 of 2

Listen to courtney's story

You have the passion and desire to help families who are struggling with their child’s sleep, but still have some uncertainty about starting your own business, finding clients and marketing yourself. This is a normal feeling that many of our students have felt. Don’t let that stop you – there are options!

Upon completion of the infant and toddler sleep consultant course, you can either choose to start your own business, or join an existing company that may be looking to hire.

Many of our students enroll thinking they will never start their own business but then they leave the program feeling confident and ready to try it out. They're so glad they did! Listen to grad Courtney Campbell's story on our podcast to hear how this worked out for her!

Fearful of Starting?

Become a sleep consultant

Are you ready to take your life to a whole new level?

I took the leap and got certified as a pediatric sleep consultant at The Cradle Coach Academy. Soon after, I launched Crib Coach in January of 2019 and since have hired a full team of sleep consultants to my company that serve families all over the world. It really was the passion that led me to serve my clients well that they in return referred me time and time again. I am so thankful I didn’t let my fear stop me from taking this certification and pursuing a career I truly love.

The results

I was scared to start. I became a sleep consultant after I became a mom and honestly, this “job” found me. I was in the thick of raising a new baby and developed severe anxiety. I did don’t even realize it was happening until my mom pointed it out. I reached out for help and just like that, it went away. Not to say I don’t still deal with anxiety - because I do! In fact, the thought of getting certified as a baby and toddler sleep consultant was really scary. I remember asking Melissa, “How in the world will I even find a client?” And she quickly reassured me that she would give me everything I would need to make it happen but it was my passion that would really lead me. And that it has.

The challenge

I am Jori Gardner, founder & lead sleep consultant for Crib Coach. I was born and raised in Southern Alberta and I have chosen to grow my family in this area as well. I married my Husband in the summer of 2015 and we welcomed our first son (Nolan) in June of 2017.
We were blessed to add our second son (Jaden) in March of 2020. I have now had the absolute privilege of working with thousands of families worldwide. I know that I have truly found my passion, especially when working with families and seeing their transformations. They transition from exhausted and stressed to excited, happy and empowered.

About Jori

“I am so thankful I didn’t let my fear stop me from taking this certification and pursuing a career I truly love.”


Why choose The Cradle coach academy over other programs?


Why choose The Cradle coach academy over other programs?


Before going into all of the details, here are a few quick facts about us and our graduates:
  • The Cradle Coach Academy was founded in 2018
  • We are an approved program by both the International Association of Professional Sleep Consultants and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists
  • We have trained and certified over 500 Sleep Consultants 
  • We have trained numerous consultants from Taking Cara Babies as Cara Dumaplin refers her consultants to us for training
  • We have certified some of the most successful Sleep Consultant company owners in the field, including Katy from Well Rested Wee Ones, Jori from The Crib Coach and Cara from Well Rested Mama
  • We are endorsed by Becca at Little Z's
Our Philosophy: While most programs educate on a specific method, at The Cradle Coach Academy we understand that every family and child are unique, so their sleep training methods should be too! Since we take a personalized approach to training, you will be educated on multiple approaches so you can guide your future clients to the method that they are comfortable with, and that suits their child’s personality and temperament!

Our Program: The Cradle Coach Academy has made Sleep Consultant Certification possible wherever you are and no matter your workload. Our program is entirely online, making it possible for you to study from any part of the world, and is completely self-paced! While most students finish in about 3 months, you can make that time fly by quicker, or even slow it down if you need it. The choice is YOURS!

Our Community: Upon graduation, The Cradle Coach Academy course helps you launch into a business that is 100% fully your own or gives your the proper information on how to get hired as a sleep consultant for an existing company! Either way, this doesn’t mean you’re alone in doing so. TCCA is a community of vibrant, goal-oriented, encouraging women that you will be part of for as long as you'd like! We have Q+A’s constantly being shared within our private Facebook community, special workshops and retreats for TCCA grads, and peer-to-peer mentorship that you will always have access to. We want all of our graduates to reach the heights of success. We’ll do whatever we can to help guide you there! And all of this is included in your initial tuition payment.

How long do I get access?

How long do I get access?

You get access to our program, all future updates, 2x monthly Q&A calls, community and continuing education for life. As soon as you enroll, you will get access to log in and start learning, and to join our community! We are there to support you every step of the way, from your first day inside the program, to your 10th year in business and beyond.

What can i expect to earn as a sleep consultant?


Pediatric Sleep Consultants earn anywhere from $60-$150/hour and can easily make between $30,000-$150,000 + per year. How much you earn in this profession depends solely on how much work you put into it and how many clients you take on. If you are starting your own practice, you will have the freedom to create your own competitive pricing and set your own hours.

will I be a part of the cradle coach team when I graduate?


Not necessarily. The Cradle Coach Academy will provide you with your sleep consultant certification upon completion of the program, allowing you to practice on your own or for another sleep agency. If you want to be part of The Cradle Coach team, you will need to apply after graduating the program, if there is an opening. Keep in mind, we don’t hire consultants unless they have graduated from our program, so once there is an opening on our team, we will only consider our graduates!

Can anyone living outside the U.S. take the certification course TCCA provides?


Yes!!! We’re an approved for training program from the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and we have students from all across the world. TCCA Sleep Certification program is also approved by the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants who has members across the globe. Visit our Graduate page to see where our graduates currently reside! Don't see anyone from your country yet? Amazing! You get to be the first, which is an incredible opportunity!



module one: the role of a sleep consultant
module two: sleep techniques most commonly used
module three: healthy sleep foundations
module four: the breastfeeding relationship – lactation consultant
module five: the newborn guide 0-6 months
module six: the importance of infant and toddler nutrition
module seven: common sleep problems that occur and how to handle them
module eight: all about naps
module ten: all about toddlers
module nine: emotional well being in toddlers
module eleven: multiples (room sharing), twins and adopted children, traveling
module twelve: case scenarios

module one: the client process
module two: gathering the information and finding the root cause
module three: building your sleep plans
module four: presenting clients with their sleep plans
module five: follow-up support and setting boundaries
module six: adding delight to your client experience

module one: the heart work. laying the foundation.
module two: translating the message. putting shape to your company
module three: the nitty gritty, logistics and administrative
module four: developing your website and clarifying your message
module five: social media and the roadmap to marketing
module six: how to gain clients
module seven: how to launch



Each module is around 1 hour long, 26 total lecture hours. The majority of the time requirements will be in your experience “practicum” hours where you are fine tuning all you are learning. With coursework the average total commitment is 200+ hours and can take anywhere from 2-5+ months depending on how much time you commit per week.



If we could change one thing about what we do, we would change the term “sleep training”. When people hear about sleep training, they automatically think they will be forced to let their child cry. As your sleep guide, our mission here at TCCA is to find the right method of sleep plan that suits each unique family and situation. We don’t practice with one program or one method. We educate on many methods and our goal always is for our clients to choose a method that is presented to them, that they are comfortable with, one that suits their child’s personality and temperament. We will offer our clients the guidance and support that is needed to make it through the process.



Once you have graduated from The Cradle Coach Academy, the yearly requirements to continue your membership will be to take two new continuing education course, and maintain your insurance. TCCA provides continuing education for you multiple times per year at no additional cost to you. Everything is included in your initial tuition fee. 



Once you have graduated from The Cradle Coach Academy, the growth of the business is up to you. How much time, energy, and tenacity you want to see your business do is based off how much you’re willing to hustle and serve your clients well. We’ve had some graduates reimburse their full tuition payment in under 1 month and others it took 4-6 months after launching their business. For inspiration on this, listen to this podcast episode with Lexi Teska, who earned back her tuition in just over a month, and this episode with Brittany Sheehan, who earned hers' back in the first month. If they did it, so can you!



Once you purchase the course, you will immediately receive a login and password to unlock the entire program. The course is all online!



Nope! Some students have waited, other students have launched, and some students have decided to use their certification to get hired at other postpartum care companies.


It was practical and evidence based. I loved the content and the organization of how the course was structured. I ask a lot of questions when learning, and the team always got back to me SO QUICKLY with answers and information and examples that made me feel fully listened to and confident in what I was learning.

The course itself was awesome!"

Cara Walker

From the facebook page with other students, to all the different speakers! It never felt like homework, but everything was so exciting to learn!

The program was so well designed!"

Well rested mama

No, you don’t need any particular degree to be accepted into our program. The prerequisites are what brought you here: a heart that wants to serve and a brain that knows this is the place for you.


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