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Discover how Fulfilling and Profitable it Can Be Helping Families Get the Sleep They Need as a Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant


Thinking About Starting a Side Gig That Will Allow You To Leave Your 8-5?! This Is For You!

    • To identify if Sleep Consulting is the right business venture for you based on our factors for success and your goals
    • How you can increase your income AND fulfillment in a business as a Sleep Consultant without sacrificing time with your family
    • The top 3 business models our graduates have used to find success in their businesses quickly
    • When you decide you're ready, how you can launch your business in 3 months or less and be on your way to ditching that 8-5!

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    rachel b.

    I loved watching the workshop; it got me excited about this business and career idea even more. Your video and website have so much information to prepare someone to make the difficult decision on what certification program suits them best! "

    Absolutely perfect


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    rachel h.

    I watched the workshop and started listening to your podcast and your story sounds exactly like mine! I really do think this could be a great step for me, but I just have to get all the information, the confidence and then take the leap."

    This could be a great step for me.


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    I am a family-first mom of three, goal-oriented entrepreneur, to-do list extraordinaire, avid dreamer and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping tired families all around the world give their child the best sleep possible. I am passionate about training and educating women who have a deep desire to give families the gift of sleep, or to touch the life of a new mother by walking alongside her all while gaining the flexibility they need to be present in their own lives.

    With over thirteen years experience in the world of sleep, children, and business, I've had the privilege of running successful businesses and helping families all over the world give their children the sleep they need.

    I can't wait to give you the complete roadmap and training so you too can offer that same gift to tired families around the world. 

    Sleep consultant certification

    Iā€™m Marli

    hello lovelies!

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