Certification Courses

Certification Courses


Banner for The Newborn Care Specialist Course at The Cradle Coach Academy

Newborn Care Specialist Course

A newborn care specialist (NCS) focuses on all aspects of infant care in the first 3-4 months, offering physical care to newborns, advice on newborn development, and help in establishing daily routines. A NCS also receives specialized training in implementing healthy sleep habits for newborns, breastfeeding support, postpartum care, and multiples and preemie care.

Certified sleep consultants sitting together at a table

Baby and Toddler Sleep Consulting Certification Program

This certification is our complete system that trains you to become a certified sleep consultant and allows you to build your dream consulting business so you can work less and live more.

Two newborn babies sleeping on a blanket

Fostering and Adoption Sleep Consultant Certification

This certification is for professionals who are looking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of foster and adopted children's sleep as they work within this family dynamic.

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