TCCA Courses

Baby And Toddler Sleep Consultant Certification Program


This certification is our complete system that trains you to become a certified sleep consultant and allows you to build your dream consulting business so you can work less and live more.



Fostering And Adoption Sleep Certification


Many families who have adopted children, or are currently fostering a child, deal with sleep issues. Our six module course provides a comprehensive assessment of the child’s history, difficulties, needs and protective factors in order to understand a full scope of the child’s sleep factors. We consider information from various sources along with the child’s behavior in different settings, such as their home, school, and among their piers, to form a detailed plan to help give this child the best sleep possible within the family dynamic.

Topics include:

  • Brain Development and Trauma
  • Attachment Theory
  • Bedtime routine and the sleep environment
  • Proper sleep plans, sleep techniques and support
  • Common Sleep Issues in adopted and foster children
  • Case scenarios


Approaching Health Issues That Interfere With Sleep

This course is to understand how vital sleep is for babies and toddlers and how Chiropractic aids improvement in sleep. There are many ailments that would hinder sleep and discussing a natural approach to offer. This course is relevant for professionals who are looking for practical steps to offer the families they work with to reap the benefits of improved health.





Solving Sleep Issues In Children With Autism


Many parents assume that their child will always struggle with sleep when the child has autism. However, research is showing that children with autism can learn how to fall asleep and sleep deeply with the help of fundamental and consistent practices. This course is relevant to both professionals and parents who are looking for practical steps that parents can take to reap the benefits of improved family health and quality of life.

Topics include:

  • Overview of Sleep Issues in Autism
  • Signs and Practices of a child with Autism
  • Practical Sleep Foundations
  • Practical Behavioral Treatment
    • designing a program for a parent volunteer based on their child’s sleep habits; constructing bedtime routine






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