The Momentum Mastermind

The Momentum Mastermind

A monthly membership group for students or graduates who want to grow their clientele!

Any of These Sound Like You?

“I’ve only had 2 paid clients so far. I feel like I’m doing something wrong.”

“Everyone keeps asking me for free advice, how do I get them to become paid clients instead?”

“I want to make this my full time job, but I don’t know how.”

“I know I’m supposed to create content, but what do I say?”

“How often am I supposed to post things?”

“How often am I supposed to follow up with a potential client? Do I email them again if they don’t reply?”

“How do I know if my packages are the right price?”


If so...take a deep breath, relax, and know this is about to get a whole lot easier.

Hi, I'm Brittany!

Not too long ago, I was in your shoes – about to embark on a brand new adventure – hopeful that I’d be able to help many families, but nervous about how it would go. I come from a business background – prior to becoming a sleep consultant, I was on the executive team at a major beauty company in New York, overseeing the brand strategy and managing a team of merchandisers and sales managers. I knew this was a chance to use my past experience to create a new business for myself. I spent a month after becoming certified taking on additional volunteer clients, building my brand, showing my expertise on social media, sharing my new business with friends & family, and planning my launch strategy.

I began taking on paid clients in April, and within 3 weeks, I had made back my investment in the program. In May, I doubled my revenue from April. In June, I raised my prices by 20%, and by July, I had to create a waitlist to take on new clients.

Woman sitting on a teal blue couch

Hi, I'm Melissa!

I’m the owner of The Cradle Coach and The Cradle Coach Academy! I truly love all things business, but my heart leaps at the opportunity to grow a female entrepreneur and see her goals come alive! I’ve always craved being in the presence of creative minds who challenge me to see success for myself. In the same way, I desire to launch women to the height of success with their businesses. That’s just how Momentum Mastermind was born.

In the last 10 years I’ve spent growing The Cradle Coach – I’ve spent countless hours failing, just as much as I’ve grown, in the sleep consulting world. The road has been both rocky and oh-so-rewarding! I’ve been building my business, growing my team, and staying ahead of the constant change of the marketing world. And in the end, all I want is to continue to provide more income for my family and help other women grow in success!

Coaching Topics Include:

Perfecting Your Website, Creating Clear Messaging that Sells

Social Media Strategy and Design

Business Hot Seat, Building Your Business One Idea at a Time

Individual Strategy and Creative Direction


Group Coaching

A 90 minute monthly group coaching session. This is your time to share any challenges you are facing within your sales and marketing, strategize, and work through a plan together.

One-on-One Calls

Individual one on one coaching calls with each instructor that builds your confidence, grows your business, and gives you new perspective.

Tailored Feedback

Specific tailored feedback given to each member from the instructors.

Peer Mentorship

Learn, share, support, and build your business alongside likeminded consultants who are equally motivated to take their business to the next level

Person writing in a notebook at their desk

Membership Fee

$150/mo (6 months)

One Group Zoom call per month for 90 mins

Specific tailored feedback for each one given by both instructors

One-on-One Coaching Call with each instructor

Community group Slack channel

Monthly Bonus Content

6 month term – opportunity to renew for an additional 6 months at a discounted rate


Let's be clear, it's not a magic bullet.
It's a combination of hard work, business savvy, and a heart to SERVE your clients.
And it’s within your reach.

How many months will the mastermind take place?

Momentum is a 6 month mastermind. It will begin on Monday, May 3rd, 2021 and end October, 2021.

How does Momentum work?

A small group of growth, impact and contribution minded TCCA graduates meet on Zoom once a month to align our intended outcomes with inspired action and measurable accountability. We lean on each other, inspire one another, share wins, create strategy, and learn to grow our clientele. It’s very much peer-to-peer mentoring and facilitated by seasoned, conscious leadership.

Why join Momentum?

You’re ready to take your sales and marketing to the next level alongside a beautiful tribe of inspired action takers just like you.

Imagine having a go-to group of like-minded, like-hearted peers to challenge you, brainstorm with, get advice from, share your highs and lows in business with, be held accountable to, and stay inspired by, all while building a stronger community.

Be part of an exclusive, high-vibration community for growth, collaboration, and accountability for measured impact.

When you join Momentum, you can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your comfort zone when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things. Not to mention it’s a ton of fun.


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