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In the Momentum Sleep Consultant Certification program, we take students who know they want to be pediatric sleep consultants and accelerate the time it takes to become one in a small group setting. 

We only offer this program three times a year and accept six students per session. Where most students complete our self-paced course within 3-4 months, Momentum allows you to learn from our founder Melissa Perry, with live instruction and complete the program in 3 weeks with a smaller focused group. We meet on Zoom four days a week where you will learn the material, we will evaluate your work, strategize, coach and build community. These sessions will always be recorded but you will also have the entire self-paced course for your review and enjoyment.

You will also have direct access to Melissa Perry and the community through our coaching Slack channel where you will receive feedback, advice, strategy and coaching.

Within your membership, you will also receive access to all the materials we provide our students who take the self-paced certification course: the new Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant course, the new version of the Business Launch workbook, resources and templates, the vault of continued education courses and as a bonus – free access to any additional certification course such as our Foster and Adoption Sleep Consultant Course and our Newborn Care Specialist Course. 

Live-Instructed Course Taught By Experienced Experts

  • Live virtual class content is taught by the founder and lead sleep instructor, Melissa Perry.
  • Each two-hour class contains course instruction, peer discussions, resources given, and q&a breakout sessions.
  • No written essays, projects or quizzes. Only homework assigned will be to build directly into your business. 

Scientific Knowledge with Hands On Training 

  • 200 hours of content, mentorship, and volunteer hands-on-experience.
  • This accelerated certification gives you the in-depth scientific knowledge and training you need to work with families with children 0-5 years old.

Live Support & Continued Education 

  • Along with the live instructor course, you receive the full self-paced course content.
  • Join our private Slack channel with Melissa and those currently in the accelerated course to ask questions, send in homework assignments, and gain feedback.
  • Free access to any additional certification course offered at TCCA.
  • Full lifetime access to our monthly expert workshops, our private Facebook group, vault of continued education courses, and so much more. 
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Melissa Perry is a certified maternity, baby and toddler sleep consultant and owner of The Cradle Coach and The Cradle Coach Academy. 

With over twenty years experience in the world of sleep, children, and business, Melissa has helped thousands of families give their children the sleep they need. The idea began when Melissa’s first born child arrived and you guessed it, a terrible sleeper. While there was support for other maternal challenges, birth coaches and lactation consultants, there was no one Melissa could talk to about her daughter’s ongoing sleep issues. While the sleep books offered advice, they didn’t offer support, encouragement or the invaluable feeling of connection with a person who can help and truly understand. That’s when she launched The Cradle Coach. She felt there needed to be a go-to place for sleep support.

Since then, Melissa has received her certification as a Happiest Baby on the Block educator, a maternity and baby certified sleep consultant from the International Maternity and Parenting Institute, and a certified Newborn Care Advanced Specialist from the Newborn Care Training Academy. 

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A pediatric sleep consultant is an expert in healthy sleep habits and techniques and guides parents in establishing a sleep plan customized to the personality and temperament of their child. A sleep consultant can also help parents resolve any issues that may be interfering with sleep and affecting the child’s well-being. 

The accelerated certification is comprised of three weeks, divided into 12 live classes:

Week One

  • The Role of a Sleep Consultant
  • Sleep Techniques Most Commonly Used
  • Creating a foundation for Healthy Sleep
  • The breastfeeding relationship
  • The Newborn Guide: 0-6 months study
  • The Importance of Nutrition
  • The Most Common Sleep Challenges + How to Handle Each
  • All About Naps
  • The Toddler Guide: 18 months – 5 years old
  • Emotional Strength for Toddlers
  • Multiples, Twins and Adoption

Week Two

  • Working with Clients: The Full Process
  • Gathering the Information + Finding the Root Issues
  • Building Your Custom Client Sleep Plans
  • Presenting Your Sleep Plans + Training Your Clients
  • Follow-up Support + Setting Clear Expectations
  • Keeping Your System Organized
  • Finding Volunteers + Reviewing Your Sleep Plans

Week Three

  • The Business Foundation: The Heart Work
  • Translating Your Message: Putting Shape to Your Company
  • Logistics and Administrative To Do’s
  • Developing Your Website
  • Social Media + Marketing
  • How to Gain Clients
  • Volunteer Clients + Review of Sleep Plans

Requirements to Complete Certification:

  • Completion of all 12 classes, which breaks down into 8-10 hours a week of live, instructed course work 

  • Completion of all homework assignments

  • Completion of working with a minimum of 5 volunteers

  • A minimum of 5 evaluations from the volunteers you worked with

  • Proof of CPR Certification (link to online course provided)

The Cradle Coach Academy sleep consultant expert badge

One-Time Payment
save over $2000 by paying in full
4 Monthly Payments
total cost $8000
8 Monthly Payments
total cost $9,000

“I got motivated from Melissa since when i read her story! Me, same as her, is a mom who sleep trained her baby by herself and later one the babies of my friends and relatives. So i trusted her since that moment. Being a sleep consultant in my country it is not easy at all. It’s a new field and it need a lot of work to show people that there is a way to make them to sleep. But i am not afraid at all. I am sure i can do it because in this programme i got all the information that i need for the sleep of the babies and toddlers, how to deal with their parents and how to launch my own business. So, i have already started to do that and i am very satisfied. I recommend it.”


“I absolutely loved the TCCA sleep certification course and enjoyed every minute of it. In the beginning, I felt as if I wasn’t quite sure if being a sleep consultant was for me but the course gave me the confidence that I can do this! Why not me! Thank you very very much for these few months! Not only have I become certified but I have also learned a lot about myself throughout this journey, gained confidence and felt empowered for what’s ahead.”


“Becoming a student of TCCA was the best thing I could have possibly done! At the time of signing up, I had a 2 year old and was 4 months pregnant, so a lot of people thought I was crazy! Fast forward 9 months and I am now fully certified, with a bunch of happy volunteer clients eager to share my name in their circles, and am ready to launch my business. I couldn’t be more grateful to Melissa for her constant support and for creating such a comprehensive and affordable program that has given me the tools and confidence I need to get going. TCCA has been an absolute blessing, so if you’re a Mama’s like me who is searching for a new home-based career that is easily worked around family life and makes a real difference in the lives of fellow Mama’s, look no further! I honestly cannot recommend TCCA enough.”

Back side shot of a woman working at her desk

This accelerated program is designed to give you the knowledge and training you need as a pediatric sleep consultant and get your business off the ground – in the shortest amount of time. From the legal documents, to the contracts, or wording on your website, we give you everything you need with live instruction! No wasting time on things that don’t matter, just simple, doable steps that actually work to get clients.

  • Defining your “why” + goal setting
  • Determining your business branding, services, and pricing
  • Tools for website development
  • Practical applications for gaining clients, using social media, and marketing
  • All the contracts, legal documents, and templates to launch your business
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Frequently Asked Questions

The person who will thrive in the Momentum Coaching Certification Group is someone who has made up their minds they want to become a certified pediatric sleep consultant, willing to work hard in a shorter period of time, available to show up to each live class, and has a deep desire to create a business that thrives.

These students fit our values of having fun and being inclusive. We really like to connect with our students, build lasting relationships, and have fun together. We are looking for students who want to contribute to a supportive and positive community.

  • Our Philosophy: While most programs educate on a specific method, at The Cradle Coach Academy we understand that every family and child are unique, so their sleep training methods should be too! Since we take a personalized approach to training, you will be educated on multiple approaches so you can guide your future clients to the method that they are comfortable with, and that suits their child’s personality and temperament! As a sleep consultant, you want to be sure you are seeing the entire situation from all angles, so we’ve brought in amazing instructors to continue the learning of sleep from each of their view points. This allows you to offer support and knowledge to your future clients.
  • Our Program: Most of our students are busy moms, and we know what that’s like! The idea of starting a new career and launching a new business can seem daunting. The Cradle Coach Academy has made Sleep Consultant Certification possible wherever you are and no matter your workload. Our program is entirely online, making it possible for you to study from any part of the world, and is completely self-paced! And your instructor is with you, walking along the sleep journey alongside you, to answer your questions, take your knowledge further and help you to see things in a perspective you will need to have as a pediatric sleep consultant. While most students finish in about 3 months, you can make that time fly by quicker, or even slow it down if you need it. The choice is YOURS!
  • Our Community: Upon graduation, The Cradle Coach Academy course helps you launch into a business that is 100% fully your own or gives your the proper information on how to get hired as a sleep consultant for an existing company! Either way, this doesn’t mean you’re alone in doing so. TCCA is a community of vibrant, goal-oriented, encouraging women that you will be part of for a lifetime! We have Q+A’s constantly being shared within our private Facebook community, special workshops and retreats for TCCA grads, and peer-to-peer mentorship that you will always have access to. You’re not in this alone, and we want all of our graduates to reach the heights of success. We’ll do whatever we can to help guide you there! And all of this is included in your initial tuition payment – no additional fees are included.

We offer this accelerated certification course 3 times a year and accept only 6 students to join each session.

All of our students and graduates in TCCA who waited, wish they joined sooner.

In the words of one of our clients, Emily: “Before joining, I was on the fence for months and wish I’d known how clear cut all the lessons were, how valuable the assignments are, and how easy it is to take the course and have my questions answered. I hesitated because of the money and I was able to pay off my initial investment in less than two months. I can’t thank you enough for offering a program that gave me the full training I needed as a sleep consultant and now allowing me to pursue my passion while I am home with my babies! Thank you!”

Pediatric Sleep Consultants earn anywhere from $60-$150/hour and can easily make between $30,000-$150,000 + per year. How much you earn in this profession depends solely on how much work you put into it and how many clients you take on. If you are starting your own practice, you will have the freedom to create your own competitive pricing and set your own hours.

Yes!!! We’re an approved for training program from the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and we have students from all across the world. TCCA Sleep Certification program is also approved by the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants who has members across the globe.

Not necessarily. The Cradle Coach Academy will provide you with your sleep consultant certification upon completion of the program, allowing you to practice on your own or for another sleep agency. If you want to be part of The Cradle Coach team, you will need to apply after graduating the program, if there is an opening. Keep in mind, we don’t hire consultants unless they have graduated from our program, so once there is an opening on our team, we will only consider our graduates!

The Cradle Coach Academy Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant Certification Course Outline:


module one: the role of a sleep consultant

module two: sleep techniques most commonly used

module three: healthy sleep foundations

module four: the breastfeeding relationship – lactation consultant

module five: the newborn guide 0-6 months

module six: the importance of infant and toddler nutrition

module seven: common sleep problems that occur and how to handle them

module eight: all about naps

module ten: all about toddlers

module nine: emotional well being in toddlers

module eleven: multiples (room sharing), twins and adopted children, traveling

module twelve: case scenarios


module one: the client process

module two: gathering the information and finding the root cause

module three: building your sleep plans

module four: presenting clients with their sleep plans

module five: follow-up support and setting boundaries

module six: adding delight to your client experience


module one: the heart work. laying the foundation.

module two: translating the message. putting shape to your company

module three: the nitty gritty, logistics and administrative

module four: developing your website and clarifying your message

module five: social media and the roadmap to marketing

module six: how to gain clients

Each live class is around 2 hours long, is given 4 days a week, for 3 weeks in length. The majority of the time requirements will be in your experience “practicum” hours where you are fine tuning all you are learning. With coursework the average total commitment is 200+ hours.

If we could change one thing about what we do, we would change the term “sleep training”. When people hear about sleep training, they automatically think they will be forced to let their child cry. As your sleep guide, our mission here at TCCA is to find the right method of sleep plan that suits each unique family and situation. We don’t practice with one program or one method. We educate on many methods and our goal always is for our clients to choose a method that is presented to them, that they are comfortable with, one that suits their child’s personality and temperament. We will offer our clients the guidance and support that is needed to make it through the process.

Once you have graduated from The Cradle Coach Academy, the yearly requirements to continue your membership will be to take two new continuing education course, and maintain your insurance and cpr certification.

Once you have graduated from The Cradle Coach Academy, the growth of the business is up to you. How much time, energy, and tenacity you want to see your business do is based off how much you’re willing to hustle and serve your clients well. We’ve had some graduates reimburse their full tuition payment in under 1 month and other’s it look 4-6 months after launching their business.

Once you purchase the course, you will receive a login and password to unlock the entire program. The course is all online!

Nope! Some students have waited, other students have launched, and some students have decided to use their certification to get hired at other postpartum care companies.

Seal of approval from the APSC for certified sleep consultant training program
Seal of Excellence in 2019 for The Cradle Coach Academy
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