The Bundle: Continued Education for Sleep Consultants

The Bundle: Continued Education for Sleep Consultants

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Self-Paced Course Taught By Experienced Experts

Online class content is taught by the most experienced instructors in their field, divided by topic, and each module contains video instruction and downloadable resources. 

Scientific Knowledge with Hands On Training 

With over 30 hours of online, self-paced content, our continued education courses for sleep consultants gives you the in-depth scientific knowledge and training you need to work with families with children 0-5 years old. 

Continued Support & Education 

Not only will you have access to the courses already available in our vault of content but you will be able to enjoy 4-6 new courses we offer our students yearly as well as recorded monthly expert workshops from experienced experts in their field. 

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Gracey Nam

Meet Gracey

Gracey’s journey in the world of sleep started when her first daughter was born. Over the past 6 years, her love of sleep, research, education, and of course her children have led her to now be a Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant at The Sleep Train as well as The Cradle Coach Academy’s Continued Education Instructor. To learn more about Gracey’s holistic approach to the sleep training process, visit

Melissa Perry

Meet Melissa

Melissa is the founder and lead sleep instructor here at The Cradle Coach Academy. She is a certified maternity, baby and toddler sleep consultant and owner of The Cradle Coach. She has also received her certification as a Happiest Baby on the Block educator and a certified Newborn Care Advanced Specialist from the Newborn Care Training Academy.

We offer existing certified sleep consultants the opportunity to continue to grow their knowledge and training with continued education courses. This is a yearly subscription renewal of our library of courses and any additional new courses that are released (we release 4-6 a year):

Some of the course topics include:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. This continued education course discusses what sleep apnea is, signs and symptoms, and ways to help including sleep studies.

Pediatric Parasomnias: Night Terrors, Nightmares, Sleep Walking & More

Parasomnias can involve disorders of arousal, partial arousal, or sleep stage transition. This course focuses on the 4 common types of pediatric parasomnias: sleepwalking, night terrors, nightmares, and sleep talking.

The In’s and Out’s of Babies with Reflux

This course is to give you a better understanding of Reflux, also known as GERD, which is commonly found in infants. We will take a look at how to handle reflux while sleep training, how to see the signs and symptoms, and ways to create a solid sleep plan for your client.

Postive Parenting

Positive parenting is focused on developing a strong, deeply committed relationship between parent and child based on communication and mutual respect. You will learn what it is, is not, and how to establish a foundation.


Melatonin and Child Sleep

For some children who need help falling asleep, melatonin has become a commonly recommended supplement. Come learn about Melatonin, the effects of the supplement on children, and how to help our clients wean from the use of it.

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“I got motivated from Melissa since when i read her story! Me, same as her, is a mom who sleep trained her baby by herself and later one the babies of my friends and relatives. So i trusted her since that moment. Being a sleep consultant in my country it is not easy at all. It’s a new field and it need a lot of work to show people that there is a way to make them to sleep. But i am not afraid at all. I am sure i can do it because in this programme i got all the information that i need for the sleep of the babies and toddlers, how to deal with their parents and how to launch my own business. So, i have already started to do that and i am very satisfied. I recommend it.”


“I absolutely loved the TCCA sleep certification course and enjoyed every minute of it. In the beginning, I felt as if I wasn’t quite sure if being a sleep consultant was for me but the course gave me the confidence that I can do this! Why not me! Thank you very very much for these few months! Not only have I become certified but I have also learned a lot about myself throughout this journey, gained confidence and felt empowered for what’s ahead.”


“Becoming a student of TCCA was the best thing I could have possibly done! At the time of signing up, I had a 2 year old and was 4 months pregnant, so a lot of people thought I was crazy! Fast forward 9 months and I am now fully certified, with a bunch of happy volunteer clients eager to share my name in their circles, and am ready to launch my business. I couldn’t be more grateful to Melissa for her constant support and for creating such a comprehensive and affordable program that has given me the tools and confidence I need to get going. TCCA has been an absolute blessing, so if you’re a Mama’s like me who is searching for a new home-based career that is easily worked around family life and makes a real difference in the lives of fellow Mama’s, look no further! I honestly cannot recommend TCCA enough.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!!! We’re an approved for training program from the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and we have students from all across the world.

No! This is only continued education resources and content for certified sleep consultants. If you are interested in becoming a baby and toddler certified sleep consultant, you can check out our program here.

  • Postive Parenting
  • TCCA Business: Hiring
  • Melatonin and Child Sleep
  • Breaking Free of Self-Doubt and Fear
  • Best Business Practices for Sleep Consultants
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children
  • Pediatric Parasomnias: Night Terrors, Nightmares, Sleepwalking and Sleep Talking
  • The In’s and Out’s of Babies with Reflux
  • A Deeper Look at Toddler Sleep
  • Approaching Health Problems That Interfere With Sleep
  • Solving Sleep Issues in Children with Autism

On average, each course is around 60 minutes in length.

Once you purchase the course, you will receive a login and password to unlock the entire program. The course is all online!

One full year from the time you purchase.

You can cancel at any time by emailing but otherwise, you will be charged yearly.

The Cradle Coach Academy does not issue any refunds once the course is paid for.

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